Monday, November 20, 2006

Bday Celebration

18 November 2006 .. Another memorial day for this year .. How can i ever forget this day .. Why ? Mayb after reading it , some may say it just a normal activity that every1 does n it is not really that special in one's diary .. But i bilif that to all yoyogang member + Sher Huey + TT excluding Joanna (who went back to malacca) this date is a very very special n memorial day ..

Dat day is a bday celebration for the 4 Nov babies (honghong , wewe , joanna , eileen ) . As i mention above , Joanna did not join us as she went back to Malacca . Dat day the 10 of us + adelee's mummy n small sis went to the curve for movie n dinner .

So , at 12pm , William reached my house and we start the journey to The Curve by by fetching Shery Huey at Sierramas n honghong . Reach The Curve almost 1pm d . Then met up with the others at the Borders lor . After that had a light lunch at mamak , then shopping !! Haha .. Not really la.. Is d guy who shops . The gals went to cathay cineplex to redeem the ticket movei of Happy Feet .. Nice movie neh !! Go watch go watch .. Love gloria n the 5 mexican penguin .. Hahaha.. So funny la ..

Then , guys n gals walk in separate ways . So , the 5 gals of us went to bough a CREAMY MOCHA CAKE n kept in TGIF 1st . Then walk to Ikano , pet centre as we had nothing to do . Walk back to The Curve n met the guys half way .. The 4 of them was holding 1 bag each from Giordano .. Wah Lau.. They really shopping maniac la .. Worst than a gal .. Then , we gals oso beh tahan so tot of wana get a bag too.. But ended up oni me n sher huey bough a handbag ..

Then , had dinner at TGIF lor .. Hahaha .. The fun time is here .. Hahaha .. Dowan write so much bout it.. I'll show pic better .. More info can view chingyong's blog .. Hahaha .. Then , play until 9 something .. All too full d so decided to go home lorr ..

What a tiring day but really fun ... I LOVE YOYO GANG .. muacks

Pictures Says A Thousand Words


Honghongtan said...

nice slides !

love yean !

love yoyogang !

bohoo !

Anonymous said...

wah~ so nice lar.. how to make de?? i also wanna learn !!

Anonymous said...

sorry sorry.. is yong yong chai.. cannot post comment using blogger lar.. cacat de..

k@hy3@n said...

ty hong hong

dowan teach yong yong zhai.. ekekek.. ne ne ne bu bu.. :P