Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Last Week

Well well .. I think it's been quite some time i din blog lu since last mon night ... Cuz on wed , me n daddy n mummy went back to both side of grandma's house (both side mean dad's side n mum's side of grandma house) .. So , on wed morning around 11am , we depart to dad's side grandma house which is in Stiawan , Perak .. Reach there around evening d as daddy drove although he's not feeling well .. Then , do nothing much la .. Just watch tv , cut hair with mummy in the next day .. Nothing much to do oso .. Bought some CNY clothes XD .. Then , the next day(thurs) evening , straight head to north to Sg Petani , Kedah where mummy punya kampung lu .. Wana rush to there as mummy wana "guo dong" there mah .. So , din stay long at Stiawan lu .. In SP , oso din do much .. tv tv tv n tv .. Ish .. For few days din online d lerr .. Wuwuwu .. Miss my laptop for tat last few days ..

Back to KL on sat evening .. Yeah ~!! Happy cuz i miss my bed n laptop so muchie ~!! Muah .. I love u laptop n beddie .. Reach home oni fast fast run up to my room n on com d lor .. Ekeke .. But not much ppl online cuz most of them went gai gai d lu .. Haih .. But so my lui lui , Adelee .. Ekekeke .. Miss her so much neh .. Go Thailand so long dam dai me alone here .. Ish .. I wan sao sun ah ~!! XD

Roughly dis is wat happen during the time i MIA (missing in action) for the last few days where u guys dun c -Ye@n- has just sign in in msn .. Ekekekeke .. Did ss geh .. but now lazy upload the pics .. So , i'll post it next day together with the post on how i celebrate my xmas lu .. Ekekeke .. Do look forward for my next post oh .. cuz did something crazy on xmas eve which is not really crazy la .. Is nothing better to do .. >.<

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