Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Exam Result Stress.. >.<

Exam Result Stress.. >.<

Aiyoyo.. At first also dowan think so much of my P3, P4, n P5 result de.. But then, when having dinner with my family as today is my mummy's bday.. "Happy Birthday Mummy!!".. Heheh.. Anyway, when we were talking about me getting the scholarship.. Then, my dad remind me that all my result need to keep it properly as the BNM will follow up with my results.. As i remember, most scholarships, if u did not do well in ur exams in college o U, they can terminate your scholarship.. OMG!! When dad reminded me that, i was like "uh oh".. I did quite badly in my last sem.. Shit!! I wan my scholarship!!! Wuwuwuwuwu.. Pls Pls Pls.. Let me pass my P3, P4, n P5.. *Pray hard*.. Pls pls pls.. Sometimes, getting a scholarship is not really a good news cause there's actually a lot of terms & conditions to be fulfilled and u must keep ur good grades till the very end.. Oh gosh.. U think getting a scholarship is easy?? Think twice.. Hahaha...

*My Offer Letter*


chingyong said...

got scholarship still like tak puas tak puas like that.. i want also dont have lar.. pls la.. u r so much bahagia compared to me..

k@hy3@n said...

=.=! cyndi u dun bising so much arr.. i tell her 1 ah.. hehe.. jk jk..