Sunday, July 23, 2006

Homework Homework!!!

Homework Homework!!!

It's been a long time since i post my last blog.. Haih.. Due to wat.. Homework!!! Aarrgghhh... This sem is terrible.. Is like no difference with secondary skul life.. Everyday sure got homework 1.. The worst part for P8 is that not oni a few but u got to do about 7 essays.. with 2 sets (1 draft n 1 complete ans).. ee yerrr... Im so lazy to do lah.. Until now oso havent touch yet.. Sob sob.. Who did d?? Pls scan the ans n send it to me!!! Ty.. Hahaha...

Yesterday v had 7 hours brake in between due to the stupid computer class which is at 6pm.. =.=! So, after class at 11am, me, tkj, we we, cyndi, william,adelee, pei ting, n pei chin, 8 of us went to the Rumah Hope to get more info for our community service (Moral Studies = another stupid sub).. After that, me,tkj,we we n adelee went to midvalley n ate pizza.. Shi fu,we we teached me about pizza as well as plate.. (Pic below).. After pizza, v walk around with no mission.. Then, go carefour bought junk food to bring to Rumah Hope to give to the kids.. After that, went to cyndi's house to put all the things in his house and 4 of us slept for about half an hour.. Adelee slept the most.. Once reach the bed, straight doze off.. =.=".. Pig la u.. Hahaha.. Anyway, dat is how we spent our 7 hours for nothing..

Shi fu said this is the pizza which look like a feet

Shi fu told me that this is the plate and also menu where u can choose the food..

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