Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 weeks holidays

2 weeks ago ..
Omg ... Still got 2 weeks to exam .. When only i can have my holiday arh ......
Help ! Help ! I dun wan take exam d la !!!!!!

Exam finally is over although i am so not satisfied with the Q asked and the performance i did ..
Well what is done is done ..
There's nothing i can sad or regret about it ...
All i can do now is just "PRAY HARD"

and of course "PLAY HARD"

Let me see ... My 2 weeks holiday i guess i am fully utilising it ..
Tml night, me n my family will be flying off to Melbourne , Australia ... Will only be back on 22nd
Sure it will be a wonderful trip to me .. BUT IM SO GONNA MISS HERE !!!!! T.T

On 27th , i will be going to Penang with my dear so pohs lu .... Another nice trip that im so looking forward to it ..

So basically my 2 weeks holiday are really for holidays .. =P

Hope u guys will fully enjoy ur holiday ya .. *wink*

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