Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Sher Huey

Happy birthday to U ~
Happy birthday to U ~
Happy birthday to Sher Huey ~~~~
Happy birthday to U .... ^.^


Last saturday, the birthday girl invited all of us to her house for her birthday party . It was an awesome birthday party .. And as i would now loved to say , it is also another great gathering for all of us . This time round, I could say it is a more complete gathering with most of us .. Still there are some who still can't make it like Kacy, Yilian, WeeVen ..

Don't really want to go into the details about the party cuz im kinda lazy to write :P

Anyway, we had nice foods and tasty durian cake as her birthday cake ..
PS : PEI TING !!!! Your birthday cake this time -->> DURIAN CAKE !!!!

The birthday girl

Birthday girl and ME !

The girls

The boys and Stranger Ho's Bb T !

Nevertheless , 4 of my best friends who never give up on me during this 3 years

Got this cute little thingy , i don't really know wat to call .. but it is sooooooooooooo kiut ~~~
With this "thingy" , i guess i would not be bored when i study ..
Why ?
Scroll down ba ....

The original look

Fat Look

Thin look

Ooooo .. I can squeeze it , punch it .. XD
And also will sayang it la ..
It is suppose to be purple .. but i got no idea why when i took it using flash , it turn out blue
My new companion when i study XD

Muah !!!


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