Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Satisfied ? No ?

Some are satisfied with what they get for their results . Some are not . But so far , most of us had give in to the fact of our results . Whether u r satisfied with it or not , life still moves on . Why not us just cried for a while , be upset , cursing ourselves but not too long . Face it and let us move on .

Well , although ive been telling everyone i am fine . I accept the fact but of course i cried over it when lying on the bed thinking is the reality or i am still in my dream . How hard ive been hoping it is just a dream and i'll wake up with a good result .

Anyway, like Mr Marcus said , "Never say Die" ... Yeah !!! We will not die in front of this wicked and evil examiner !!!! We will fight to our last breath and we will still be fighting . One day , we will be the champion !!!!

Failure is the mother of success .. I always believe in this .

Thus, i will DEFINITELY be back with a sharper and stronger weapon !!!! U evil examiner !! U won't get to defeat me the 2nd time !!!!!! RAWR !!!!

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