Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Piggy Pig ^(oo)^

Last Sunday went to Pasar Malam with ah T met up with dear SPs lu . Ekeke . As usual, the Sunday's pasar malam near my area is the biggest and normally is crowded with youngsters rather than families . So, is more of a teenagers things that is sold like clothes, toys, CDs, foods etc . Not like other Pasar Malam like near my house de , would sell fruits and vegetables . Nope . Youngsters don't buy foods and veges . LOL ..

While walking and bumping into peoples, we saw this stalls selling going-to-be-a-new-fashion thing . I don't know about that . But it looks very cute !!! And you know me .. Or no ? I was "shouting" , not that loud though like a kid, "SO KIUUUUTTT ~~" Hahaha .. According to the fella selling, there is 16 different types. So, me not caring what my fren like it or not, I started looking at the different figures.

And finally , Ah T got one for me . Hehehehe .. Tengkiu o ~~~~ It's really cute !!!

Nah .. Let u see la .. The colour will keep changing de . It look so beautiful when it is on in the dark . =D
"Piggy T is my name"

Beside this pig, they got Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Crayon Shin Chan, Rabit (another 1 of my favourite) .. That's all i manage to identified since there is also a lot of people looking at it . And some the lights is not turn on, so i can't really see what are they .

*took it when i off my bedroom light*

Isn't it kiut ?? Wukakaka ..
Someone says that I love weird weird stuff .. The thing must be WEIRD but CUTE .. Then only I will like ...
The piggy very weird meh ! Snoopy very weird meh !!!! Ish ..
Anyway one thing that is true is I LOVE CUTE THINGS .. Hahaha .. Whatever is cute, I would turn into 10 years old kid . LOL . That's how i think about me at least . Mayb im not .

Aarrghh .. Really need motivation to study . Should i go college whenever I have no class to study ? Or should I go someone's house to study so that I will not get distracted by those distraction I have in house . So, who can offer their room for me ?! Wukakakaka ...

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