Thursday, September 18, 2008

For A Moment

Me , YeanYean officially hates this sem till so far .. !!!

Time flies like nobody business . Lots of things happened . Most of it something i wished it would NOT happen !

ie . exam results, sick etc etc

And oh yeah .. Ur sincerely is now sick again .. With flu and cough again . She is so sorry to TKJ who sat beside her for every class that they attend . *slap selfs* Promise will recover before coming 6 hours class :D

For a moment, everything seems so blur to me . For a moment, I don't know what the heck am i doing on this earth . But really thanks a lot to my friends ie college + so po gang .. Without them , without all the activites that we / they organised , I really see my life as meaningless for a moment .

For a moment, I was like in the top of the world, in the gathering as if it's been a long time since we gather together . When the moment is gone, Im back to myself again .. Haih ...

Today in class , me and tkj was still figuring out when was the last time we sing k ...

And realised the last time was the time where TT treated us as he got world prize for F7 ..

Gosh .. That is sho long !!! As compared to last year ..

I really miss last year :(

Anyway, yesterday we had a steamboat birthday dinner celebrating the 4 pwetty girls ie YiWen, PeiLi, PeiTing and also YiLian .. ^.^ It was attended by most ppl this time round so far in this sem . But still sad cuz HongHong couldn't make it again . I MISS U LOU GONG !!!!!

*pics will be uploaded later*

Now it's time to get myself to bed .. geezzzz .. I hate cough at night .. Couldn't even rest well .. :(

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