Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to September Babies

Half of the September is gone .. Stress is building up each day and yet im not taking any immediate action to it .. Grrr ..

Anyway, last week we had birthday celebration for ChingYong and PeiChin .. A belated birthday celebration lu . Since everyone was busy during the weekend and hard to arrange a best time for everyone . Even that night, there are friends who had to attend P2 night class couldn't join us . So, it is still not complete with everyone .

Glad to have TT who have started working to join us although he look tired . Gosh .. Just 4 days of working ady look so tired =.=! AHHHH !! I dun wana work !! LOL

Anyway, we just had a normal dinner at the F4 Restaurant with a birthday song singing . This time round , we din really played much on both of them . Maybe everyone was tired and bored with that d .. LOL

And you know what-you know wat-you know wat ??? *reminds me of Mr Marcus way of saying that when he tried to put a suspense on something =.=!*

Hahaha .. Mayb most of U had know it but i still want to say it here !!! LOL ..
The 1st time i saw her in the college that day , my 1st reaction was -->> from o.O to O.O
and i can't stop laughing thinking what PeiChin told me about PeiTing's haircut day story . LOL
WUKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA ... Tingting is sho cute .. Love her loads .. Muaks !!!

Na na na ~~ Let u see her pweety picture larh ...

Love this shots alot .. Haha !!

Anyway, before i end this post , would like to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PeiLi (12/9)
*just realise i never took a shot with PeiLi .. Will find a chance to take with her .. XD

LengLui YiWen .. Sweet gal she is

TingTing .. Also pweety she is ..

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