Friday, May 11, 2007

3rd in Bowling

at last 2 out 4 papers of edc/efc class r over which r IS n law . well .. althoug the classes were boring but at least it help me on my studies . like ms kiran always say , "if u pay attention in the class , half of the work is done" . to me , mayb is less than half but at least it really help me to reduce my revision times . well , 3 days were law edc/efc . as usual lah .. in law , can pay attention a while then zzzzzzz ... so , tkj n me decided to skip class on wed after break de . then , on tues after class , elaine were asking who wana represent ACCA for bowling comp as this week is the sports carnival . so , me n tkj play lu ...

so , on wed .. during lunch break , me , tkj , adelee n tt skip class lu . we went to pyramid for lunch .met up we we followed by bongbong aka choon onn . then watch "Spiderman 3" . well , the show not bad but due to the cold-ness . itu tkj arh , tak bleh duduk diam d . akakaka . make me oso cannot duduk diam keep buat bising . wakakaka .. sorry ah bongbong ~! for disturbing u watching the show . wakakaka . XD

after the movie , we straight went to the bowling centre n had 1 game as practice . wah lau . so long din play , really sudah merosot larh my marks . wuuuuuuu .. so pai seh . after that , the comp start lorh . i think there is 8 team including us . ACCA were represent by me , tkj , yilian , bongbong , wewe n isaac . all so pro larh . ahaha . we need to play for 3 games lu . then ah , itu bongbong ah .. ppl so motivated with getting high marks in 2nd game he pulak merosot . then when 3rd game all sudah kinda tired + tkj sudah emo with her broken fingernail *ekekeke* , itu bongbong pulak keep on strike n oso got a turkey . ish ish . but he oso very pro lu . thanks to him n we got 3rd overall . wohoo ~! got medal got medal . ahahah . it was a nice game . thanks . hope to join again next year . ehehe .

pass law by 50 =.= anyway , got to work real hard for the final . no more fooling around . GO GO YEANYEAN ~!!!



SmallHead said...

Jia you!!!tudi can do it de!!!

k@hy3@n said...

ooooo . haik !!!