Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year Resolution

Ya ya .. I know i said "Welcome back to blogging world" and yet i blog an entry and missing in action for few days again . Shouldn't be so lazy and left my reader all alone here waiting . Ekeke . So, will TRY to be more hardworking in the future depending how will be my classes goes.

Today is already 3rd January 2008 . Wow . Times flies huh . Just a blink of an eye and is already 3 days pass since new year . Din really go anywhere for countdown . Just went out with shin n kwan n jayne n drove around the neighborhood watch the tiny little fireworks from the KLCC . Not so nice but it's jam even at Kepong . Ish . Lucky din park near there so manage to drive away quickly.

New Year Resolution ....
1. Study SMART + HARD
2. No more laziness !
3. Save more , spend less (have been spending a lot last year so must save back)
4. Get good result in my ACCA
5. Slim down slim down
6. Never let the relationship between me n dar cool down
7. Maintain our relationship and hope to go to another level of our relationship (copied from dar . hehehe .. and dun think wrongly of the word "another level" , ok . just hoping to understand each other more deeper . that's all)

Well , i guess that's so much about my new year resolution . Maybe there's more inside my head but couldn't think more than that for now . :D

And now .............................
Let me share with u guys the issue that i've been arguing with dar about the "Dominator" thing that i mentioned before this.

It was the last day before dar go home. So, we went to Pyramid since is nearby and his parents will be going there to meet him. While walking around looking presents for me and dar was hungry. So, after getting my ear ring and necklace, we went hunting for food. Then, saw this Korean food near the Pizza Hut. The food was so-so only.

While waiting for our food, dar saw the machine where u got to put ur hand in and it will sort of tell ur fortune. Dar asked me to try. So, both of us tried and got the paper. Sat down and read line by line. It was nothing much at first and agreeing with each words it was written as it was quite true with our characteristic.

Then, i was comparing our paper and I found out this ..... attention only to the red circle

Mine : You could become entirely dominated by your partner. Beware of this

Dar : You are always able to dominate people and situations

Me : OMG !!!!!!!
Dar : (eating) Wat ?
Me : Yer .... I will dominted by my partner and u always able to dominate people
Dar : Woh ?
Me : So true neh .... I mean so ngam .. Ish ... (unsatisfied face shown)
Dar : Yay ! I dominate U ...
Me : (even more unsatisfied) Hannah Hannah ... U dominate larh . No wonder im the 1 "fuk si" (layan in cantonese) u ..
Dar : :D wat .. i now no sayang u larh
Me : got lar got lar ... mr dominator

PS : The dialouge above is not 100% of what we have said but the main point is in it....

Kk .. Time to ciaoz . Will try to update more in future . ^.^

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