Sunday, January 27, 2008


SOMEONE commented why i blogged in Chinese ... I know there's lot of ma reader who can't read Mandarin like my darling for eg :P but sometimes i felt i can express better in Mandarin. Basically when im emo :D

The previous post was nothing much but just trying to release my stress by blogging. Ytd night was kinda emo night so blog lorh. Why i emo? Don't bother asking me cuz i WON'T tell ... XD As long now im feeling much better can d lu

Really feel stress these days. Mayb the month of Feb esp on the day of 18th ... =.=! ACCA students would have felt the same if mention these 2 dates Feb 18th and Aug 20th. Cuz it's our result day. Plus suddenly i could feel the stress from my studies. Mayb cuz now we r in the PROFESSIONAL level? Hmm ... Dunno leh ... Time is flying so fast . In no time, all of us would be graduating and working...

Anyway, like what i told dar .. Got to stay strong to face all the difficulties. ^.^ For me, when i can't, i'll just hide in my room and on the music and sing along with it. It really helps me alot. Just a few song, im back to good mood :P And of course with my darling's company, it helps more.

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