Sunday, January 6, 2008


Omg .. A day has been wasted just like that .. How ?

Let me tell u ....

As bro's gonna have his wedding soon in March, so his rooms need to do some renovation for the new lovebirds. Have to change the wardrobe and bed. Just this two things, it causes the lights and fans have to change position. And mama said since bro is changing the wardrobe, so my ask well change my old wardrobe. I've been using mama's nearly 30 years old or more than that cupboard. Even the kulit oso wan cabut d. So, my room also need to change the lightings to down light and wall fan . The wall fan are much more cooler too .

So, my room now has change its position upside down .. :D I mean it's totally change including my table, my bed, my cupboard. Everything !!!

Been busy whole day cleaning up. Well , that is just the 1st part. When the new cupboard arrive, is another tiring day to clean up with all the dust around. Ish .. Hate that.

Anyway, kinda like the way it is now although my bed makes the room abit smaller cuz not much place to move. Hope when the new wardrobe i could cut 1 shelf down or even better my bookshelf things can go into that cupboard too cuz mama say the wardrobe is kinda big.

Seems like today is a moody day. Haih ... mama is moody cuz sick and i myself is moody too. Or is it just myself that is moody ??

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