Saturday, January 5, 2008

Damn Connection

Aargh .. Damn the connection .. Dunno why this few days so hard to connect to the internet . And now i can connect to internet but i dunno why the heck i can't sign in to my msn .. *sigh*

Anyway , forgive me for the rudeness .. :D

Oh well ... Dar complained after posting that post saying that the dialog is 100% not true .. Well .. errrr ... all right is not true . My dar is not that bad person . Just that sometimes to make the environment more cheerful, we tend to ejek each other. He's a good, sweet and smart darling.

Really glad to have him accompany me sharing every moment of experience of my life. Glad to have him when im down, im happy, im depressed, im sad. He has brighten up my day when i think that this world is treating me badly.

This post is mainly to tell the world how much i love him and how happy i am when u found me alone in this corner of the world. I love u , dar.

Sorry for being so "yuk ma" / geli but this is truely how i felt towards him ^.^ So, do forgive me ya although i will also ejek others when writing such yuk ma blog. But when think back of ourselves, we tend to be so yuk ma too when we r in love . Ekekekekeke ...

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