Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After 3 weeks of cough n sneezing spreading the virus , at least today i feel A BIT better .. At least i don't cough that much during the class . If not, i also feel pai seh and irritated even if my beloved two lovely neighbour at most of the time , TKJ n Adelee dun mind it. :D

Really thanks for the patience with me in the class .. Muaks !!! Love u TKJ !! errr ... Adelee ah .. Ok lah .. Muaks u too but love ah .. i'll think twice 1st XD

Today is the 4th class for both P1 and P3 .. It's really both an interesting class to attend. Out of so many classes i have attended , i really think that this two classes are the only theory class that i am so gladly to attend it so far . *wink* No discrimination to P2 as it is interesting too with Ms Menon as the lecturer who will give her out the best to make us understand and she's cute . Just that im comparing among all the theory paper that i have sat . P2 still consider 33% calculation >.<

Mr Marcus who is also my mentor for the OBU (Oxford Brookes University) Degree, he's really a fun lecturer with all the jokes he tell, the story he tell inspite of telling how a theory is applied on a case study and real facts happening.

Today he told us this which it's really cold but darn funny ....

It's basically a conversation that happen between him(Mr Marcus) with his younger brother who is younger than him 3 years old. According to Mr Marcus, his brother told him two things.
1. Younger bro : U r the 2nd most handsome good looking guy that i ever met
Mr Marcus : Wow !!!! Then, who is the 1st 1 ?
Younger bro : The whole world
Mr Marcus : ............ (the whole class burst out with laughter)

2. Younger bro : Let me tell u all the good points that u have
Mr Marcus : Ok ..
Younger bro : .......
Mr Marcus : Tell la ..
Younger bro : Finish telling d .... (again the laughter from the class)

Omg la ... Marcus so funny neh ... He really can make the class NOT being in the sleepy mode for the full 3 hours ... And he likes to use the word "wah lau" .. Hahaha .. I think im start to get influenced by him d ...

As for Mr Goh, well the interesting part i guess would be stories about companies or Malaysia a-bit-of-political story which is already a fact. I think for those who never study this paper, there's really a lot of things that u might not know what's happening around the business world.

As for myself, im really trying real hard to study harder as compared to previous year .. Really trying hard although really really sick now, i mean previously. ^.^

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