Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to HongHong and Ah We We !!!!

Yay ! At last the most tiring EDC/EFC of F7 is finally over. Well anyway is not that tiring anyway as 3 days out of 5 days the class end so much more earlier than as expected due to lots of unexpected incidents. Also taking this opportunity wish that Ms Menon will stay healthy always and may her brother in law rest in peace.

Alright .. Let me blog bout the 2 birthday boys who has just passed. So sorry for this late post as u know lo ... Everyday class come back oso half dead...

First and foremost .. I'll post about honghong lo ... (Old to young mah) .. Ekkekeke ... Hmm .. Let me see .. Tan Siu Hong .....
  1. Knew him in year 2006 when we were in the same class in CAT but start to talk when we exchange msn during our LAN study
  2. Getting closer each day after chatting in MSN then to in class
  3. Love ss a lot that i think in a year he could take pictures reaching to 1000 pictures.. Or more ?? Hehehehe
  4. Got influenced by him to take pic
  5. Change from a Mr Specky to a Mr Handsome
  6. A super duper friendly guy
  7. Good in attire .. Very update to date .. ^.^
Well i think it will be a super long list if really wan me to list everything about him .. Ekeke .. To summarise it .. He's a Mr Nice and Friendly Guy .. To all the lengluis out there .. HE IS STILL SINGLE !!!!!!!!

Let me show u some pictures of dear honghong .. ^.^

The models to be .. Isn't he and she(kacy) a good model ? Who wana hire them ? Call me i'll intro them to u !! I wan charge some commision oso oh ..

Some pictures of us .....

Ahahaha .. The picture on the right side .. I know u(honghong) so gonna kill me if u sees it .. But dun care ! I wan post it ! Cuz u look so EVIL ! Ekekekeke

Presenting u TAN SIU HONG ! Dun bin zui lah .. Ady present u to all ma reader d ... *wink*

Next, I wana present my shifu aka Ah We We .. Hehehe .. Also a fun, friendly guy.. And also super active person ...

  1. Knew him also when we exchange msn during LAN class.. He n honghong was fren since secondary ..
  2. Super active guy
  3. Became my shifu dunno since when
  4. Kinda a quiet person if u DUNNO HIM WELL
  5. Joined Ice Hockey ..
  6. A guy that will cheer up ur day
  7. Super slim guy as well ..
As usual .. present u the pictures of ah wewe .. Realising that i did not take much pictures with shifu .. Hmm .. Next time must take more oh ...

Shifu n ChingYong showing off their dunno wat paper's marks
Shifu, me n tkj at redang

Just me and ah wewe
Hmm .. Taken in TGIF last year .. Trying to imitate the photo

Us again .. Love u ah wewe .. Thanks for walking into ma life and cheer up my days. Glad to have u ask ma shifu .. ^.^

Happy Belated Birthday Mr WEWE !!!!!

Once again Happy Belated Birthday to both of them .. U guys had give me lots of sweet memories this 2 years .. Really glad that i know u guys .. ^.^ Stay happy oh !!!!


Honghongtan said...

10 Q ~~~ =)

SmallHead said...

hey!!!thx yea!!hahhaha i am not ice hockey player~hahaha

that paper is audit!!!we pass!!!hahaha 41 marks only,wuakakkakaa

k@hy3@n said...

honghong: lol .. welcome welcome ..

wewe: woh ? not ice hockey player meh? roar ... ooo .. audit .. ahahaha