Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Smarty Darling

At last , part of the disaster is over which is the 21 hours of EDC/EFC of Audit .. Gosh .. Until i still fell the ache at my waist . Butt oso flat d ... Anyway, did learnt quite a lot in the class. Hope it will remain in my brain till the exam day . :D

Oh ya .. Here's something to share .. But it made me abit geram beside feeling proud .. >.< Mr Aaron got the 2nd highest average marks of his finals which is 44.3 over 50 .. The highest is 44.5 which is the Mr Nerdy who just sleep beside him =.= (means his roommate lo).

The thing that make me geram is that dar slept whole day while everyone is like studying so hard. He only studied the very last minute. ROAR !!! Beh tahan .. Ish ish ... Well, can say he is someone like TT .. Fast learner ... Haih haih ... Dar dar .. can i have half of ur brain ? :P

Anyway, glad to have such a smartie guy beside me. Ekekeke .. Proud of u although i kept say i geram at u ..

"Sleep a lot doesn't mean u won't do well in ur studies. Study SMART not study HARD"

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