Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bored and Dull

It's been quite sometimes since the last update .. Basically , there's nothing interesting for me to update publicly as my life currently are so bored and dull ... My classes are only on tuesday night and friday afternoon and sometimes on the weekend but not much . For the rest of the time , i spent 95% of the time at home , in my room with my computer and of course with all the paperssssss .... And facing the window which directly showing the opposite house's room which has no lengzhai for me to peep on ...

No outings for me , as most friends are either busy with work or studies . Maybe sometimes hang out with SPs gang over the weekend ..

Although , this may really sounds boring but during this few months of being like this , I do ponder over my life and make some planning which maybe equal to no planning .. HAHAHAHA . Anyway , i of course do have some planning for my future but I shall keep it to myself now . =)

All i hope now is that to clear my remaining 2 papers that is seriously killing me and getting me crazy . Then , maybe after that I would have more updates and back to my more interesting life XD So, guys, beside me putting 200% effort for the coming exam , will U please wish me luck and say a little prayer for me ?? Thank u thank u ... =D

took this picture when I went back to Stiawan for "qing ming" . the little boy is so cute and he caught me taking his photo , then he even wanted to play with us .. LOL ..

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