Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday , SoPo Kwan

Hanging out with them will definitely cheer up my day , no matter what mood am i having on that time . Cuz they will bring laughter and more laughters when we are together .

With the reason of celebrating so po kwan's birthday , we thus manage to find a time for 5 of us to hang out together and had a good laugh again ^.^

Decided to have our dinner at Solaris , Mt Kiara at a restaurant called "Olive & Pegaga". It was an Italiannese restaurant . If u guys know about Solaris , i suppose the 1st thing that pop in our mind is the "luxury" price of the foods . Yeah .. it is super super expensive . However, this shop having a promotion where oni about RM20 (including tax) you will have a soup , a main dish which u can choose from a quite a few choices of pasta or rice and a dessert . It is really worth it as normally if u just order a pasta , it already cost u RM20++ . And it's delicious , the most important thing ..

Sadly that shin can't join us for dinner . So only 4 of us enjoyed the yummy dinner . We thought of calling shin using 3G , however , that place is not under the 3G coverage . So sad . Can't show shin how delicious it was XD But of course we took loads of pictures (which cannot be shown to public).

Reflection of us from the shining escalator

After that , we decided to go to other place for yum cha since shin said that she can join us . So, fetched shin and wei da suggested a place , Camp Forest , somewhere near Desa Jaya , Kepong . The environment there was nice and romantic but it's full of mosquito .. T_T Continuing our never-ending laughters and craziness and ends with a cake blowing , cake smashing , and eating the yummilicious chocolate cake ^^

Happy Birthday , SoPo Kwan ^.^

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