Monday, May 18, 2009

Stepping Back into Life of Primary School

Around 12am yesterday night or this morning rather =P , sim teng msn-ed me saying that she'll be free this week before her new sems starts , so asking me whether do i want to go back to our primary school since we had been talking about it long time ago and we couldn't fix a proper time for both of us . Then , i was scrolling at my msn list and i saw Ho Lim also online and thus suggested to try to ask other "old" friends as well . We though of visiting on Friday since we want to asked others but Ho Lim will not be around , and so we decided to go immediately the next day ie today .

For such an unknown , unfamous , secluded and small school , we managed to get 6 of us , it's something incredible already . I still remember the number of students in my class when i was Standard 6 was only about 25 of us . And the most for each standards there's only 3 classes . So you can imagine how small is the school now . Till date , it's still a small school . But it was quite a big school during my brother's time before that SK Taman Kepong was built up right beside our secondary school which kinda steal the fame of SK Kepong Baru . HMPH ...

Anyway , of course there's a benefit of being able to study in a small school like that . The best thing is , you get to know everyone in the school and you'll also get to more attention from the teachers which indirectly you get to interact with teachers more . It's something great because us and our teachers , we are more than just a student and teacher role , but we are more like friends talking everything under the sun . Plus , teachers will remember us better even if left the school for a very long time just like what happened today .

The 6 of us . From left : Chee Hoe ( the naughty 1) , Patrick ( the bookworm ie Tokoh Murid) , Ho Lim ( the fat 1 XD) , Me ( no comment ) , Sim Teng ( Siti Nurhaliza look a like ) , Wan Yi (the runner )

PS : the comments in the brackets are some of the things that makes our teachers remember us

Of course the first thing that we did once we step into the school is to search for our dearly teachers . Finally we spotted En Kholi , our beloved KH teacher eating at the canteen . So , we decided to wait till they finished their foods while we look around the surrounding . The canteen still looks the same to us .

Finally , En Kholi walked out and we walk over . He was surprise to see us and of course the usual Q&A session . "Study mana" , "Course apa" etc etc .. XD After talking awhile , then Pn Tham, our class teacher and also my Guru Pengawas came out . She was stunned for awhile seeing us and starts to guess our name . LOL . And there goes our sweet memories talking back about the old days . The most surprising was Mr. Stanley our english teacher , he could remember most of our names .. We were stunned and of course happy with that . ^^

From right : Chee Hoe , Patrick , Mr Stanley , Ustazah , Pn Tham , En Kholi , Ho Lim , Wan Yi , Me and last but not least Sim Teng

These are some the teachers who are still teaching there while many of the teachers have transfered . Oh .. There's another teacher , Mr Amir who used to handle Kelas Pemulihan ie a special class for weaker students . But he was busy with the Teacher's Day thing so couldn't join us for the photo taking .

Since the teachers is busy with their activities , so we left them and went exploring our little childhood memories .. I should have taken more pictures of my school but instead I've used that time remembering all the stuff we used to do in certain places and corners with friends and forgetting to take some photos . ^.^

Ho Lim who spotted his favourite play space XD

Before we left and headed to elsewhere for lunch , we had a memorable picture in our small little classroom .. The feelings was even better after i edited into black and white ...

Said bye to the teachers and also promised to Pn Tham that will gather more of us for the next visit well , maybe next year at least because next year would be 10 years !!! Time flies ~~

Since all of us are sweating , thanks to the hot weather , and hunger for water , so decided to go to Food and Tea , a hongkong style restaurant inside the Metro Prima , Kepong . Chee Hoe couldn't join us after that as he has something else to do . So left the 5 of us went for the lunch .

Like Sim Teng said , it's the ever 1st time that few of us actually sat down and eat together . I think since we step into the secondary school life , we have our own gang of friends and we hardly keep in touch except during the secondary school time where we meet in the school of course XD But that's 1 sad thing that we shouldn't have done .

I could say i've known them since Standard 1 . So, our friendship is near to 15 years of friendship . I doubt it's hard to have such valuable friendship nowadays . And i will always appreciate this group of friends of course not forgetting new friends that also bring a lot of memories to me in secondary school life as well as college life . More to come and I definitely will value each and everyone of them =)

Us @ Food n Tea , Metro Prima

Last but not least , not forgetting my lovely small school ^.^


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