Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free But Not Free Yet

Why the above statement?

I am free from my nightmare exam, but right the next day i.e. NOW, back to office thinking what should I do. Should have brought my novel to read, but at the same time worried if I read my novel at such an open space where my big boss would walk pass through my table anytime and without me realising it. I know that he's not the person who would penalise people for doing other things except work, maybe. Hahaha .. Maybe he noted it down, this fella is not doing her work.

But seriously, I got no work to do ma. Sssshhhhhh ... Not in the mood to work now. I am in the holiday mood already.. So, my purpose of coming back to office today is to loiter around. XD Although everyone seems quite busy with their work and I do not know what to surf in the internet .. Oh not, maybe I should try go searching things to do in Hong Kong. Alright, that reminds me that I do have things to do.... Ngek ....

Anyway, during the exam period, I realised I have a lot of things to write and to share. So, maybe I'll just go one by one each day, ok? At least I won't go bored dead in the office for next week Monday and Tuesday. Then I'll be off for holiday.. Yipeee !!!!!!

Tata For Now.... Need to arrange my working papers properly 1st .. XD

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