Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Sailing Smooth

Im back from Singapore last night. I really enjoyed the trip a lot because I have not see myself laugh so much for a long time especially in this year. And of course I am glad to meet up with PeiChin. Getting more lenglui liao o *wink* I'll upload the pictures in the near future ba.

And as most of you know, last Monday was the result day. I was expecting to at least pass 1 paper. But no, I have no such luck. I almost want to break down and cry but I knew I can't because I have a convo going on. I felt blank for a moment so i decided to give Mogu a call and talk. Im glad to have the talk that I feel much better after that. Thanks Mogu.

I already feel lost in which direction should I go. With the situation given now, I am more lost. I had a plan, I wants to go Singapore and work and take my study slowly as I move on there. But would my parents agree to it? I really don't know. I don't even know whether I have the courage to confront to them especially mum.

Some would think that I already have a job here, why want to go Sg some more? Of course there's plenty of reason behind it which I shall remain silence on it. All I can say is that, I want to take the chance to go out and explore the world and learn to be independent while Im still young. All Im worry about is will my parents agree to me?? I really hope they would. I really don't want to stay here in KL for my whole life. XD

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