Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stupidity Kills

Can't stop myself from writing this post.

As usual, no one person can stare at the books for hours without doing something else like surfing the net. So, while I was browsing my facebook through my handphone, I saw a note shared by my friend written by this guy named Alviss Kong. It caught my eye because my friend wrote "RIP etc etc", so I clicked on the note and read.

It was in mandarin and he's basically writing his LAST note before he commit suicide. Yeah, you read it correctly, he wants to commit suicide. For what reason? For a rejected love. A usual heart broken note that you might see or you yourself might have thought of writing it. But when I finished reading the note, I read the comments, and he did really committed suicide by jumping off from 14th floor (based on the info I saw in one of the comments) and he passed away today at HUKM this morning.

You can read the note here. He write both in chinese and english. And yeah, he even has the time to take a last picture of himself. =.=!

This post is not to promote his death or to judge his death. But to actually remind ourselves,

Death is NOT a solution to any problem.

For you who are reading this post, whether you are having your toughest time now, please please, NEVER EVER consider of dying.

I agree by dying, you can solve your own shit but have you ever thought, how deep you have hurt all the people who loved and cared for you for the rest of their lives?? This is simply evidenced by the comments from his sister, his friends in the earliest comments of the notes.

Anyway, R.I.P Alviss Kong. I hope his family could accept the fact and move on. My condolences sincerely deep from my heart.

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