Friday, December 10, 2010

God of Death

Now that I finally finish my exam. Again, I don't feel relieved of stress. I don't feel anything. It is just like any normal day. But I still wish this is my very last time walking into a exam hall. =(

However, since yesterday I found out the news of Alviss, who I think now is the No.1 hot topic almost to everyone who has a facebook, the news of his death has been quite disturbing to me. Apparently, not only me that is feeling this way.

Though I do not know him, but reading at his Last Notes (which now, I think his account has been deleted), reading all the comments especially by his sister, I can actually feel the pain, I can actually imagine the sequence of the countdown to his death. I thought all this only happen in drama or movie, which to be honest, I think movie nowadays don't really promote commit suicide because I've been quite sometimes don't come to this such scenes unless it's in the horror movie which Im totally out of it.

Honestly, I do feel sad for him, I feel sorry for his family and his friends who loved him so much. He's just 22 years old. 

To me, this is life. This morning I was telling my mum about this and again, I always tell my mum, or to anyone, "Death is something you cannot avoid". If the day has come, no matter how careful are you, where you hide, somehow you'll have to face with the God of Death. Having said that, we still has to be careful especially when we are driving or walking outside. "Precaution is still better than Cure". At least you don't die regretfully like him.

My trust on this words became more solid when my cousin brother met an accident few years back where he was riding a motorcycle and when comes to a junction which heard to be quite "spiritually" bad luck, he somehow felt he hit something and his whole body flung out from his motorcycle, flew as high as I don't know how many metres up into the sky (imagine when he say he's was about at the height of those T-shaped traffic light, almost as high as a street light), but he drop to the road, with just a minor injury? Just some scratches here and there, I think he did sprained his leg. But no broken bones? Believe it or not. People say he's lucky. I say, it's not his time to meet God of Death yet.

Anyway, it's been quite a disturbing day + exam day = lousy day overall. I just hope it did not affect my exam mood. At least, I think I answered all the questions. Right or wrong, no idea. Craps... 


JaSoN LCE® said...

Give urself a break... Relax~ :)

k@hy3@n said...

hehe . after exam d .. very d relax ... but still lazy to blog =P