Sunday, November 28, 2010

Journey to Chengdu

Finally !! I am able to blog about my fun-filling trip to Chengdu, China. I was thinking how should I blog. Should I blog in sequence of the trip or I should go by themes. Well, I think it'll be a little mix of it. It'll be in sequence but in themes. That mean, I'll break into several post. =D

Excited to board at Low Cost Carrier - Terminal (LCCT) with AirAsia X.

Took off at around 5something p.m. and we reached there at around 10 something at night. By that time we check out and meet our tour guide, it was already 11p.m.

Reached our hotel and we were hungry, as you know, you need to pay if you want to eat in AirAsia X and it's not filling. >_<

By the way, here is the tour guide that we are so unsatisfied about. Will be told in later post.

Our tour guide in Chengdu, DuDu

Anyway, DuDu showed us the way from our hotel to some shops for food. Surprisingly, the city of Chengdu is very quiet as compared to city like Beijing or China. Most of the shops are closed but luckily that is one small shop selling mee is still open.

2 of the famous local mee is as written on the sign, "Qiao Mian" and "Pu Gai Mian". Yeah, I know what you thinking of the 2nd type of mee. Pok kai mee (Pok kai mean fell down or broke in cantonese), huh .. 

We tried the first one that night.

Saw the master chef making the mee. He uses the knife to cut into pieces straight into the boiling soup. It is something like "Pan Mee" in Malaysia but the texture of this mee is way softer and yummy.

Can you see how fast is it ??? And i manage to capture the dropping of the mee slices !! Woot !!!

The noodles !! Looks a bit oily, eh but it's super yummilicious or is it just me being too hungry?

For your information, Chengdu is the part of the Sichuan province. Thus, Sichuan people loves hot and spicy a lot. Especially those with 5cm layer of oil on top. 

We also had their local beer, Snow to serve with the food.

This is the beginning of one of the most memorable journey that I ever had. 

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