Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mee Jawa Restaurant

On the other day, my parents decided to introduce me to this Mee Jawa Restaurant at Solaris Hartamas. Remember about my blog post on the Arabic Cuisine? Say yes pls ... =P It was at the same place though I didn't wrote the address as I couldn't get the address. =(

Anyway, so here am I at Mee Jawa Restaurant. Although it is a new shop there but Mee Jawa has been in existence in Kuala Lumpur area such as Tropicana, Pavillion.So, some of you could have tried it. As for me, I don't really recall trying it as I am not a fans of Mee Jawa.

Sorry again for the poor quality of my camera phone. This reminds me of bringing my DSLR everywhere I go .. !! But that day, I am having class before that, so it is impossible for me to actually carry my DSLR to class.

I quite like the ambience there. It is cooling and relaxing. They have free wifi too.

Not many people yet as we were there at around before 6p.m. Not too sure how it would be at night.

The shop itself is quite UNnoticeable because it is located at 2nd floor unless you actually look up from the main room without being already attracted at some of the nice restaurants like the Arabic Cuisine at the ground.

As for the foods, we tried ...

Mee Jawa itself of course

 Asam Laksa. I myself quite like the soup. It is filled with fish meat but to warn you, it is those fish with lots of small bones. So, if you don't like fish bones, I suggest you not to order this. But still, it is worth trying.

Char Kuey Teow. One word: Nice ... =)

All comments above are according to my taste bud and according to the mood of the chef of that day.. XD Because I would think that these foods still up to individual's preference ... 

The price is reasonable with this kind of ambience at this kind of high class area i.e. Hartamas.

Lot A1-G2-09, 
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 012-282 7109

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