Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Porter and The Deadly Hallows

Yes. The long waiting 7th episode of Harry Porter is finally out in cinema. However, based on the novel, the movie is broken into 2 parts of which Part 2 will only be released in June / July 2011. Kinda long to wait lorh.

Are you a Harry Porter fans? I suppose almost everyone that I know would watch Harry Porter movie although they might not be the fans of the novel. So, have you still remember about last movie?

Hint hint: Albus Dumbledore is dead.

The three of them i.e. Harry Porter, Hermione Ginger and Ron Weasley once again has made a great comeback although they have grown up unlike in the first movie where all are still in the kid look. Hehehe ...

The characters are still the same as before. Harry is still the quite and calm person. Hermione is the smart and easily gets angry while Ron is the blur person. I still love Ron a lot. He is still being him who made the people in cinema laughed for a while when the story is getting tensed.

Some of the famous characters in the movie. Able to recall their name in the story?

They are Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix and Greyback. =D

and oh, my favourite elf, Dobby. He seriously touches my heart in this movie. *sobs*

So, if you do follow the series of Harry Porter, do not miss out this opportunity to watch it ya. Although the Part 2 is in 2011, I think such great movies should be watched at cinema with the surround sound and the big screen. It is really worth paying for the ticket. =)


wjingyi said...

so sad ..Dobby died..:(
u shud check out Daniel Radcliff new image look in 'women in black' movie..he look so different

sugarmouse said...

LOVE your blog layout! and i watched harry potter last weekend... rather disappointing :(

k@hy3@n said...

jy: yarrr .. so sad .. ooo .. alright , i shall check in out soon .. =D

sugarmouse: thanks !! why is it so disappointing ?