Sunday, November 7, 2010

Treasure Hunt 2010

While I filter and resize my photos taken during my 9 days trip, let me update something else first which I should have post it earlier.

Every year, my company would organize a Treasure Hunt activity. This year would be my first time joining the hunt. I was so excited and nervous at the same time because I am so afraid that I could not help my team in deciphering the questions. I was also appointed as the driver for the team.

Our team were given the name of Chicas Superpoderosas which according to my colleague, it mean the Powerpuff Girls in Spanish. This is because our team consist of 4 girls. Seriously, don't ask me to pronounce it because I don't know how and even until to-date, I can't remember that name .. I only remember it as the Chicas. Hehehehe ....

My initial thoughts of Treasure Hunt was we are suppose to decipher the clues given and to find for the treasures. I never knew it does not only consist the treasures which we have to buy and there are about 35 questions or so where we have again have to decipher the clues and guess which name of the shop along a row of shops. Other than that, there is also Photo Hunt which I think I am better in doing that. Hehehe...

Well, obviously during the hunt no photos are taken. =D

Anyway, this year hunt are to Malacca. Our starting point was from Kuala Lumpur and end at Malacca.

We stayed at Renaissance Hotel which is not too far from the town itself. 

During the night, we will have dinner with the theme "Melaka Dalam Sejarah" (Malacca in History) because Malacca is where the history of Malaysia begins. So, to suit with the theme, we are encouraged to dress up maybe in British Colonial, Baba & Nyonya etc. Our team decided to dress in Nyonya style.

How do we look ?? Nice ??? Better say NICE !! =P

Surprisingly, a lot of the them dressed out of my expectation. For example,

Rabbit, turtle and deer

They also haven games and performance which I myself enjoyed very much watching.. Hehehe....

Boy Gaga .. They are good ...

How many can you fit into the big sarung?

They also have the best dress male, female as well as teams. I only managed to capture for Top 3 Best Dress Male and Female.

Top 3 Male

Top 3 Female

He won as the Best Dress Male

Towards the end of the dinner, the organiser would then reveal all the answers and the winners. There are 60 participating cars and Top 40 teams have prizes to win. So, we manage to win ourselves RM50 although we did quite badly.

Now that I know how the game goes, I shall be better next year and be in Top 10 !! =D

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