Monday, September 13, 2010


Was driving along the new are of Kiaramas. Looking around at the new shops. PappaRich, Little Taiwa etc etc. Then, we saw this Arabic Cuisine.. Mmmm .. Something different, so we decided to have a try.

4 of us sat down on the table, looking around, we seems to be the MINORITY. Instead, mostly are the arabicians. Having said that, I still enjoyed looking at them, they really have nice features, both boy and girl. Admire. *drools*

We tried the lamb kebab. Nice !!

and and ....

you know what !!! I smoked on that night !!!!!! Can you even believe that ??!!

I smoked this ....

Sorry, didn't capture the pipe or rather a full picture of it ...

Yeah !!!! I tried shisha for the first time in my life !!

According to wikipedia,
Shisha may refer to:

  • Hookah, water-pipe for smoking
  • Mu'assel, a half tobacco, half syrup (usually honey or molasses) mixture smoked in a hookah
And it can really be quite addictive. So better watch out if you guys should ever try it.

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