Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Single + Young = No Commitments ?

 Today, I learnt a new lesson of life.

To jive with my title, of course, it is something related to work.

Well, I am definitely a newbie in the world of working although I've worked for 1 year but that's definitely more to be learnt and experienced. So today, I've learnt a new lesson.

For those who are already in the working world may understand how I felt in this post. So, as you know, especially to those who are still new and single (in a relationship does not count), you are always the best target to be picked as victim for some so-called ad hoc job or what-so-ever.

The reason they give you is you are single, you have no commitments.

The above statement was given to me as well. To me, being SINGLE doesn't mean we do not have any commitments. Being SINGLE doesn't mean I have no family to take care of. Who are my parents then? Being SINGLE doesn't mean I do not have a personal life.

To me, personally, being SINGLE doesn't mean you can just simply ask me to do something so last minute which could have ruined my PERSONAL commitment and plans !!!

Adding to that, my boss even tell me that, studying ACCA is a PERSONAL commitment. It will NOT help the department to achieve its objective / KPI and it should also not be taken as an excuse. In my heart thinking, WTH. It does not help you, but it will affect my future development !!!

I totally understand that as a Head of Department, you have to think for the department as a whole, simply because that's your performance and it directly affects you. Isn't that also can be categorized as SELFISH? Why should I be EMPATHY when you are not?

Everytime I see the way how my boss strategist his thoughts and arguments, it would link to my Dad because I simply think both of them has the total same personalities, which I think it applies the same to all BOSSES. Another common traits on a BOSS is that, they are a GOOD PHYSO. Seriously.

And again, just to throw a question back to you, will you say yes to your boss to everything he/she asks you to do when you think you shouldn't be doing it


you'll have your stance that not everything you should do which may lead to ....

And to me, I had my stance because I have my own justification. You have your plans, I followed accordingly. You delayed the plans and not communicated well, doesn't mean I have to ruin my personal plans just for you. I'll try to give the best of me for the company since that it's the company that is feeding me BUT not with sacrificing my STUDIES, my FUTURE !

oh, btw ... I found this on the net ..

Happy BOSS Day XD

PS: If you know my boss, pls keep quiet about this post, ok? =P

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