Monday, September 20, 2010

Malaysia Day (Part 2)

After we are satisfied with our own shootings at the Merdeka Square, we then headed to National Monument. I've been there once which I think that is when I am around 12 years old? We had this thinking of going there for shooting simply because we passed by the other day and we were thinking, it is actually a nice place to sharpen our photography skills.

True enough. We are all so satisfied with the scenery there. =)

This is what you called PROFESSIONAL

See .. I am very patriotic =P

Due to the super hot sun but also super BLUE sky, we couldn't stand any longer under this hot sun before anyone of us got sun stroke, we walked back to our car and headed to our next stop.

Batu Caves.

Not so satisfied with my caving photos as I did not get my best lighting in there. I seriously need to brush up my dark scene photos.

Hahaha .. I seriously love this monkey's face expression . XD

So, these are some of my best shots.

Not only that, I hope through my photos, you'll be able to enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Malaysia.

Never Look Far for A Beauty because It is Just Right In Front of You - Fel

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