Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stupidity vs Romanticity

This topic came about when I was chatting with one of best buddy that I have know, let's call her, Ally (short name for Alligator for some reason). So, I was browsing through some files during work and I found out the cost to put an advertisement in our local major newspapers.

So, there goes the conversation between us.

Yean: Wow.. Guess how much a small lil advert cost ????
Ally: How much ?
Yean: About RM2k - 3k wei .. That's also like just one small column lorh .....
Ally: Wahh ....
(there's some further conversation in between which not necessary to bring up)
Yean: That's why ah, the next time if your bf propose to you through putting up an advertisment in the newspapers, you SHOULD BE TOUCHED !!!
Ally: Urgh .. I think is stupidity more than romanticity ....

And there where we begin arguing and talking about the STUPIDITY vs ROMANTICITY (the idea of the title was given by her =P)

So, what would you think if one day, your bf does proposed to you either

with this method; or

or this?

or proposing at the street?

Forget about those traditional / simple proposals i.e. buying you a rose with a ring and kneeling down. That is a MUST DO action.

I am here talking about some people doing it by spending thousands or maybe millions of ringgit on the billboard advertisement, on the newspaper, booking the whole cinema. Well, if I am at the girl's shoes, I would definitely be touched at the moment of time. Who doesn't, right?

But thinking it again, if I knew he is so going to spend so much of money, my as well use that money and bring me travel around the world.

Worst for the guy, what if he has spent so much of money that he has to sell of his favourite toys, and the end, it's NOT a happy ending. Money thrown to the sea ~~~~

So, what's your take on this? Do you love these BIG proposal or just a SIMPLE proposal would have melt your heart?

Personally, I'll be touched if someone ever proposed to me by way of the above, PROVIDED he's a damn rich guy, I don't mind. If not, a simple proposal at a romantic candle light dinner (maybe) will do. I would have melt, simply because I love him. That's what most important.

"You don't need the whole world to know how much you love her/him. What's more important is he/she loves you with all her/his heart truly and sincerely." - Fel

DISCLAIMER: These are just personal view. Did not meant to attack anyone on this earth.


Patrick said...

hahaha.. '0 loved me'? Or maybe 1 after this comment. LOL

k@hy3@n said...

wuahaha .. thank u thank u for supporting XD

wjingyi said...

i so totally agree..would rather the guy give the money to me than spend on advert..mayb coz we all are accountant's mind..kakaka

k@hy3@n said...

diff ppl has diff perspective ...
this is the perspective of an accountant .. wuahahaha ....