Sunday, September 12, 2010

Putrajaya on Merdeka

On Merdeka, decided to go to Putrajaya for a short trip and photo shoot. But sadly to say, it was raining even on our way there. Although, didn't manage to get nice pictures, we manage to feel the breeze of the cooling wind and also enjoyed the Pasar Ramadhan there.

ish ish ... kepala besar blocking :P

Presenting you the "Umbrella Wannabe"

Then, while driving away and thinking where should we have our dinner, we saw there's this night market as well as Pasar Ramadhan. Without hesitation, we find a parking and down we go for food hunting. Ehehehe ...

kebab ayam !!

OH OH ! this grilled chicken is super nice !!!

roti john

and this is the best satay i ever tried !!!!

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