Saturday, September 25, 2010

HIMY reunited

This is one seafood restaurant that I have been enjoying going for seafoods *duh* due to its freshness and its not-expensive price.

Some of the foods that is a must to order ..

 "Sheong Tong lala"

 Yummilicious butter prawn

 Two-style kailan - the leaves are fried while the stems are steamed / stir fried

Fried man tao - can deep with the gravies in the prawn dish

Salty egg crab

Anyway, it was a small gathering with 3 of my new found friends during my 2 weeks course previously. We were in thirst of seafoods, so I suggested to try this and this time I managed to take some photos of the dishes after my 3rd visit there.

Besides the above food we had, we also had mooncakes ...

 This jelly mooncake was made by Monica's mummy. It is so delicious ~

and Champagne mooncake was brought by Yvonne and Irene

Talking about foods, I have not introduce my new found friend which I bitch with them quite a lot during office hour free time through emails.



Yvonne (all my pictures taken of her is just looking at her camera and not me !)

Btw, the above names are just a nickname given to 4 of us. And I was actually called Hilary for some BAD reason !! 

HIMY reunited

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