Wednesday, September 29, 2010

National Museum of Malaysia

Whenever you hear the word "Museum", what is the first thing that comes into your mind?
History ?
Seeing old things ?
I think it should be something along those lines .

But what about if hear someone mentioned, National Museum of Malaysia (Muzium Negara)?
Nothing to see?

I am sorry but I really didn't mean to condone our National Museum. But seriously, I have been there once or twice during my school days, there's nothing that could actually attract me / all of us in any of those things. I mean, learning about our country's history, our culture, it is good. But somehow, the way that is done does not attracts people especially school kids.

I really don't know what will tourists who visited our National Museum would think. Maybe those of you who are reading this can give some opinions/comments.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that they are doing something very effectively to promote and attracts more visitors. I totally agree to have themed exhibition because that's where it will be turned into hot cakes that everyone wants to buy.

But, the most recent exhibition that I noticed, since that almost every day I would be passing by the museum, it's this ......

Which I totally object to go and even step at the entrance because I am not sure whether if this reptile would actually just run wild like that. *urgh .. i totally hate it thus the pic is in this super small size, if you interested, just click on it and have a better look on that reptile .. ewwww .....*

Prior to this, they had ...

Interested??? No, I am not again.

I even heard from my friends that before to this, it's the Pontianak/Spirituals Exhibition (something like that).

It's good to have exhibition but NOT EROTIC EXHIBITION !! I really just wonder is this really attracting more customers than if to have some other exhibition which would attract younger kids?

I thought a museum it's suppose to be a place where it is a warmth feeling place that encourages our children or even tourists to visit and learn more about Malaysia ... Well, I won't say that total no to this kind of exhibition, but have this once a year, enough lahhh ... Why want to have so many and consistently one and after another?

How nice if things happening at the Night of the Museum really exists ... I would definitely be the first person to go =D

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