Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stress Release

When you are stressed up, what do you normally do?

Some people would go shopping, some people would do extreme exercise, some people would just shout at every1 they see for the day etc ...

As for me, I think I am a person who would keep everything inside which is quite dangerous because you'll never when you are going to burst it all out. I hardly show how stress or upset am I towards other people include my family and friends. Because I am person who never know how to share my feelings with other and that makes me an introvert.

Normally, if I am really up to the extent that I'll burst, I'll just cry under my pillow. I'll cry myself to sleep. But one thing for sure, I will not drag this to the next day. Unless it's really bothering me until that I'll be crying at nights for few nights until I am distracted with something else.

Everyone would have their own way to release their stress because everyone has their own stress. This is also sometimes I don't blame people for being angry, being rude at me, of course not the habitual type of people.

So, thought of the day, how do you normally release your negative stress? Do you shout at people that might just hurt others? Do you release stress by way of spending money? Do you be like me that tries to keep everything to your own self and just sobs when no one is around?

I think is a good thing to ponder about because stress management is one of the important factor that one person should learn and have because if you don't manage your stress well, it might just affect your health and/or even people around you.

And if you are seriously stressed, i've got something for you ... *see picture below*

kids, don't try this at home. 

Remember the famous quote, "STRESSED is just a DESSERTS" if you know how to manage how your stress well. =)

PS: I am sorry for my never ending changing of blog template. Couldn't find 1 that satisfies me so far and i am totally not in the mood of designing my own blog since the day the blogger changed its design/html codes. Or anyone want to design a simple but nice blog for me for fwee?? *wink*

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