Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick Update

When was my last post? (checks post history) ....

Aug 23 .. and now is already the 9th of Sept ... Time flies !!

I have so many things want to say . I have so many photos that I still yet to share with my fellow readers . But time seems not to allow me to do all these things . Everytime after work, got back to home, shower and dinner, I would have already faint on my bed.

It's been quite sometimes that I even check my blog. So, sorry friends, if I did not reply you at the chatbox .. =)

Just a quick update:
Many of my malay colleagues has started their holiday today. So, with that, the traffic seems to be very smooth but the office also tends to be more quiet already. A bit not used to it. I prefer to be in a happening environment. I HATE loneliness. But that also makes me in the lazy Raya mood as well .

Selamat hari raya ~ (raya song playing in my head)

That's all for now. Just a short one so that my blog doesn't look dead . Hee hee .. Shall update more during the weekends. =)