Friday, September 10, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

Just for your info, my birthday is on 27th July (pls note it down in your phone). But again, thanks to my busy schedule *cough*, have not been able to upload some photos taken that I celebrated my birthday with my family as well as with my friends. So here we are.

On 25th of July, dad decided to give me a birthday treat at Soul'ed Out. We thought it should be ok for not booking a table and just head there straight, but when we reached there, the shop is closed !!! Which is quite unusual for a restaurant to close on a Sunday. So, we went to Porto Romano, somewhere at Mt Kiara for our dinner. The food is nice but pricy though but it's worth the price with the environment and the nice food there. If anyone of you are interested in going for a fine dine, this is one restaurant that I would love to recommend. 

It serves Albanian-Italian-Mediterranean  foods which I personally quite like it.

The ambiance there was nice. Good to bring your loved ones there for a candle light dinner. Though it's kinda dark when you want to order something from the menu. *tee hee*

Did not manage to have a family photo and this is the only photo I taken with dad. Missed out pictures with mum, bro and sis.

... and some of the foods we ordered and tasted.

Tiger beer *duh*

Wine for Two

Wild Mushroom Soup .. This is my favourite mushroom soup ! Tried the 2nd time and still loving it !!

some vegies appertizer



Urgh... I really have problem in remembering dishes' name. But it's really nice !!

And last but not least ....

The Birthday Girl .. (thanks to bro)

Ristorante Porto Romano
No. 28, Jalan Kiara
Banyan, Mon't Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 62078171

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