Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trip to Melbourne Part 2

Sorry for the delay .. Ur miss blogger here is just back from a superb fun trip to Penang with my 3 flowers n 1 dead flower .XD our new name. It's really so 3 8 n crazy. I'll blog briefly about it in my upcoming post.

Let us continue to my Melbourne trip. After staying at Apollo Bay for 3 nights, we headed to another town at the other side of Melbourne, Orlinda. It is such a small town that not much people know about it. It is near the Mount Dandenong. We stayed there for 3 nights again.

Similar to 2nd day, on the 5th day we din do much activities beside travelling and stopping around for lunch and some scenic lookout. Slept all the way . XD

We also will be staying in a cottage called "Woolrich Cottage". It also has jacuzzi , wifi and other necessary facilities. That is so cool. Love this cottage very much and it is located on a hill. So, it is very cold at night. Luckily there is central heating in the house.

The next day which is the main highlight of the trip to me is to the Philip Island. Dun really need to cross over with boat as there is a bridge for cars just like us crossing to Spore. Reached there, we drop some places like the Wildlife Zoo, The Amaze Things before heading to the Penguin lookout in the evening.

It was fun at the zoo as the animals run wild and u can feed them. Finally get to see kangaroos and koala bears as near as u can touch them. ^.^

In the evening, we drove to the Penguin lookout(can't remember the name of the place) to watch the penguins come up to the beach from the sea after looking for foods whole day in the sea. It was really cold imagining sitting at the beach during a winter time with the wind blowing for about an hour before u actually saw the penguins walking up so cutely. XD

Those penguins are Little Penguins which they are only 30cm tall and weight about 1kg. If anyone watched before the Madagascar and recall back the so called mafia penguins. They actually behaved almost the same way, the way they walk. Omg ! They are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's really hard to describe the feelings there but I can assure u if u ever been there, U will definitely feel satisfy for the trip.

Too bad no photos and videos are allowed. So, cant really share with u guys.

1 day before going back, went to tried on the Puffing Billy, the choo choo train that we used to call. Hahahahaha . It was a nice experience since i never been to that 1. Nothing much to talk about it cuz just sitting in the train and the track is along the mountain. Then stop at 1 station and have a walk there lu.

On the last day, we headed back to Melbourne town and walk around lo cuz our flight is in the midnight. So had dinner in Melbourne town 1st before going to the airport.

Basically that's my trip. Couldn't say it was great but it was fun. XD

Gtg now .. Meeting my dear ah lui for lunch and the rest as well .

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