Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tax is Worrying

Tax is really really worrying me .. Not because it is tough as far for now as now we are learning personal tax which we used to learn and the most pro topic that we can do ...

That's because we've learnt so much in details , so now are more like a revision to most of us ..

What is worrying me is our miss lecturer .
She seems to be unsure of what she teach sometimes .
There seems to be some contrast of what Ms Rozi thought us .
The more our miss lecturer explains , the more blur i am
And that is worrying me !!!!

Now im considering to take extra class at Kasturi which will be on Tues night from 6.30 to 9.30
The fees i guess is quite reasonable but the only thing i need to consider is transportation
I don't mind taking train but it will be quite late at night walking alone to the train station
Driving ? I doubt the parking there are very much convenient

Will discuss with parents but most likely I will be taking ... Still under consideration .

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