Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me !!!!

Another early birthday celebration with my beloved lougong aka honghongtan on last thursday
After a whole day class , me n honghong went to Cineleisure to have our dinner
He suggested to have at Tony Romas and i just agreed to it as i dun have any foods that i want to eat in mind
Headed straight to Tony Romas and order food
As usual lo .. SS , eat , SS , eat and SS again ..
Well , Tony Romas are famous with steak .. so if u guys dun eat beef , there's not much choice
We ordered Fish and Fries and Chicken Burger
(don't remember the exact name , ask honghongtan , he recorded down the names)

After that, went to take sticker photo .. Ahahahahaa ... Actually i was quite blur cuz very long din take such photos so dunno wat pose to have . Ended up all normal normal pose lu . Ahahaha ...

We also went watch premier screening of The X-Files .. Like Sharee commented in her blog , it is really not as interesting as the tv series that we once used to watch during out childhood time . It's kinda boring i shall admit ...

Also want to take this very opportunity to Thanks honghong's fren for the free ticket neh .. And nice to meet u guys ^.^ For the wishes .. Look like HongHong is kinda promoting me .. Wukakaka .. Did u , honghong ? Ahahaha ...

She is concentrating on what to eat

While he is concentrating on playing with his phone =.=

Me !

Him ! The hungry man -.-

Her with the appertizer

His favourite food of all , Onion Ring

Big mouth !!!

Chicken burger

Him with the brownies ice-cream

Just us

My birthday cake neh !! So big .. Yum Yum

Isn't the fireworks are nice ^.^

Not forgetting my dear college mates who contribute either in terms of finance or their hardwork, I am really really touched with this beautiful lovely mosaic of me ... Special thanks to Pei Ting who did most of the hard work ... Not forgetting Sharee jiejie and HongHong who according to Ting they gave her ideas on this pressie ...

Pei Ting !!! U r the best !!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!

Still dun expect me to do something like this for u ya .. WUkakakakakaka .. And u still will be smashed !! XD

Me again !

Many thanks to those lovely msg and wishes u guys wrote to me behind the picture ... U guys are wonderful .. Thank you to Pei Ting, Pei Chin, Sharee, HongHong, Adelee, Lionel, TKJ, ChingYong, SuanLi, Kacy, Tiger, Steven, SuiYuan, EiLeen, PeiLi, TT .. (hmm .. i hope i din missed out anyone) . But i bilif i sent a thank you sms to all of u guys ^.^

Yesterday was the worst day to me .. Grrr .. Many many thanks to my SP Gang ! They really had a lot of tricks in mind .. Will be in more detail when i got all the pics ..

Anyway , would love to say thanks guys for the lovely CREAMY and STRAWBERRY-ish surprise as well as the making-me-walk-so-far surprise .. Gosh ... Ahahahaha ... Love u guys !!! It is really unforgetable ... ^.^

And today ! The BIG day .. Instead of going out with anyone, i ended up being piggy whole day .. Ekekekekekeke .. At night, just had a simple dinner with family lu . Heeee .. Many many thanks to ma family .. I love them !!!

Last but not least ... Thank you to everyone of U who sms-ed me , called me , drop me a testi or watever way u guys did just to wish me and reminding me that im not forgotten by u guys .. Thanks a lot ... And i actually managed to forced someone to sing a birthday song .. WUKAKAKAKA !!!

- yours sincerely-

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