Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ma New Darling

Ehem .. Today supposing go to Kasturi which is situated at the Petaling Street nearby . But when we got there, they said that the person in charge for the registration has gone back . So , got to come back mayb tml ..

Then, on the way back to our car, mum said that buy me a soft toy .. I was like .. hmm .. soft toy .. my room is kinda a crowded with soft toy .. So, just went into the shops and look around with not much of the interest .

Went to the 2nd shop .. Something attracted me .. Ahahaa .. Since then, im not letting go of him !! He's mine .. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!

Anyway, went to 1U to shop around as dad says he will buy dress as my birthday present. Couldn't see any dress that im interested but bought a shirt which kind of diff style look lu . For me la .. Then, went to Neway to sort of celebrate my birthday as ah sou is not around next sunday. So, advanced celebration again ..

Aih aih .. Looks like on the birthday itself i am really staying at home .. Wuwuwuwu .. Lonely ~~~

This is not the shirt i bought but it's quite similar to it ...

Wee .. My new darling ..

He like forced to take pic with me nia =(

My new darling ~!!! Alright .. He is forced to take the pic .. He camera shy =P
Thanks mummy for the lovely pressie !!

Err .. According to the owner of the shop, Andox is actually a mascot for Andy Lau .. I don't care he is mascot of who who .. He's now mine !! Well, actually Andox has 4 different face expression and it came in either black or white . But i think this is the best ! So, he's destined to be mine XD

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