Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day with Surprises

So .. Kah Yean !! What is the surprise !
Huh ? What surprise ??
Ur title said so ... =.=!
Oooo .. Not me getting the surprise XD

Yesterday was the birthday of a person that i love , respect and admire very much .
She's the great and tough woman who fought all the way
Who never know the meaning of giving up
Who always think for family before her
Who always protected her children like a pearl fearing other might steal it from her
Who is the great teacher that everyone loved to be thought by her
That's her ..
My mummy ...
Happy Birthday to Her

Well, my brother always got lots of tricks in his head
So, he got this tricky little idea of giving my mum a BIG surprise
I guess it was a BIG surprise for her XD

The surprise :
Brother called ah sou asking her to get my mum's fav student which i think i did mention before
The 6 students that never failed to visit my mum for almost 10 years since there were form 3
So, ah sou came to me and asked me to do the job
So, steal one of their number from mum's hp
Called and tell them the plan
Asking them to be the surprise guests for the day

On the day, ah sou booked a Japanese restaurant, Xenzi Restaurant at Old Klang Road
Brother went 1st as he need to get roses for mum
While, the 4 of us went in another car
Reached there, had a 10 seats table
Mum keep complaining why book such a big table but she never thought of anything fishy
Bro came with the flowers
So, mum thought that is the surprise
Mana tau, another bigger surprise awaiting for her .. XD

Had a lovely dinner
The sushi and everything was lovely and tasty
Nice nice

Decided to go back home to blow cake as there is 1 of the student that can't make it for the dinner

Trying to SS but SHE spoilt the picture !!

Brother with the rose

The birthday girl . Luv her lots !

The surprise !!!! XD

And just our family

Love u always

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