Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Why does when u enjoy something so happily, time passes so fast. The clock shows 24 hours has gone, but mentally and emotionally, it is just like few hours has passed..

Don't feel like coming back to reality where the stress are awaiting for me.
Had been struggled of whether to choose Finance paper or Performance paper.
Tried to complain to mum hoping she would somehow telling me that i can stop studying for the moment which that would not happen .. Haih ..
I told mum that the Finance paper's passing rate are just about 20% in the world while Sunway just got 14% which is lower than the world passing rate !!!!!
Mum confide me by telling me, who knows im 1 of the 14% passer. Mum was right . Whatever i have choosen to do, i shall not doubt my ability. I shall take up the challenge and definitely i will be success.
Thus, with mum's encouragement, I decided to stay put to my decision : Finance and Tax !

Anyway, i really want to enjoy the holidays longer especially the time spent together with my lovely so po gangs .. They really cheer me up during the trip with all the craziness. PS : I still cant stop laughing when watching all the videos... We really left our stress and problems back here then and enjoyed fully during the trip. That's what we always wanted to do . Doing something without worrying that u need to rush home in no time to help family, going back home late without being nag etc etc etc ....

Talking about that, we also decide to create a blog just to cherish the moments of us.. So, if u guys are interested, just feel free to drop by to our newly created blog .. U can easily link urself to our blog by clicking "So Po Gang" at your right hand side of the navigation bar under the title "Their Stories".

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