Monday, July 21, 2008

Advanced Birthday Celebration with Collegemates

Yours sincerely has finally register herself for the Advanced Taxation at Kasturi which will be thought by Alan Yeo . I hope the amount of fees paid by dad is all worthwhile to attend and unlike the one im currently attending .

So, from tomorrow night onwards, every tuesday, yours sincerely will NOT be available at your service from 6.30pm to 9.30pm .

Some favourite so po gang pictures taken in Penang

If you guys read about the Penang Trip, i know there is not much of scenary pictures unlike honghongtan, so preeeeeety and beauuutifoooolll .... Can't blame me though, i din really hold the camera althought the pictures are taken using my camera most of it.

Last Thursday, was suppose to celebrate Sui Yuan's birthday but since this semester it's kind of hard to gather everyone so, they decided to celebrate my birthday as well . So, 15 of us went to The New Paris Restaurant at SS2 for dinner.

It was kinda tiring day as I had class in the morning then later at 3pm. More even tired after watching Dark Knight with TKJ where both of us just without second thought hop into Kacy's care, went to Pyramid, bought ticket which has started 10 mins ago..

I really recommend u guys to watch it !! It's nice , it's funny as usual if u do follow the Batman movies series, and it's full of suspense this time .. But, according to Sharee, the guys don't really enjoy it. Don't know why. LOL ..

Anyway, after Finance class, me, tkj and kacy waited for the rest in the foyer .
As i told tkj , we definitely still have to sit at the foyer for at least half an hour before everyone decide and agree where to go .. as per normal .. Ish !

So, reached the destination at around 7 something near to 8 i think ...
Lionel, Adelee and Tiger(who took the main road, LDP) reached there d and followed by the rest of us.
It's really been long time, see them especially Lionel, maybe since our last exam ?? As well as the others since this semester most of us took different papers.
So, it's really a great gathering beside celebrating birthday. I guess from now on, the purpose of celebrating birthday would rather move towards as a gathering among us, isn't it??

My forever ah lui .. Miss her lots

Me, WeeVen and TKJ who will i disturb now most of the days since both of us will be taking the same combination, also Kacy, the three of us

The foods ~~~ ATTACK !!!

Preparing the cake .. No idea why they wana do it there

Make a wish .. Make a wish ..

The surprise for Sui Yuan, his beloved girl

1 2 3 .. Cut .... The cake is blocked

TKJ : Which cake to smash them ?
Ting : Hmm .. Nyek .. That 1 lah .. The most creamy 1

Waiting for ???

This lor .. Kelian de Sui Yuan


Yay ! Just us ..

Sadly to say that PeiLi, ChinChin and HongHongTan couldn't join us .. Hmm .. Miss u guys neh .
And I was being smashed too but i've got no pictures with me .. The cake even drop to my pants and all the cream just slide down .. Grr .. My whole left leg it filled with cream .. Geez ...

Phew .. It was really a wonderful and happy night although after a whole day of class .. I hope we would gather again real soon ..

Sobz .. Mummy went bangkok din bring me go .. Shopping .. I also want !! Missing mummy .

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