Friday, July 4, 2008


Well .. Tried to be more personalised blog skin .. So, changed some but not most of it ..
Yeah .
I know is a bit dull and not so creative like others did but im quite satisfied to it as i created quite similarly to another blog .. Ekekekeke ..

Don't know what pictures to be put on the top, so just chose a lovely and precious necklace of mine .. Wukakaka ..
The necklace may look normal to u guys but it meant a lot to me oh .. ^.^

For now, got to abandon here for a day maybe to update my "So Po Gang's blog" regarding my Penang Trip.
I will try to update here as well but not pictures as i will upload it there.
Will inform u guys when i had finished updating.


Honghongtan said...

i also wan itu necklace !!! HAHAHA !
created quite similarly to ANOTHER blog hor ! EKEKE ! =p

k@hy3@n said...

ahaha ..
the necklace is mine !!
blek !!!
wukakaka .. dun need emphasize until so big gua ... roar

=13µnn¥=™ said...

wah... hahaha... change your blog skin already ah? ok... its quite nice... atleast you can turn over a new leaf... hahaha... now i am buzy with university stuff... sweat...

k@hy3@n said...

LOL .. thanks thanks ...

ooo .. good luck in ur new sem oh .. Hehehehe .. ^.^