Monday, July 16, 2012

Huang Shan (黄山)

Huang Shan, in chinese, 黄山 does not simply means "yellow mountain". It was actually meant the mountain of emperor if a direct translation needed to be. Here goes a short history lesson that I quoted from wikipedia:
Huangshan was formed approximately 100 million years ago and gained its unique rock formations in the Quaternary Glaciation.

During the Qin Dysnasty, Huangshan was known as Yishan (Mount Yi). In 747 AD, its name was changed to Huangshan (Mount Huang) by imperial decree; the name is commonly thought to have been coined in honor of Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor), a legendary Chinese emperor and the mythological ancestor of the Han Chinese. One legend states that Huangshan was the location from which the Yellow Emperor ascended to Heaven. Another legend states that the Yellow Emperor "cultivated moral character and refined pills of immortality in the mountains, and in so doing gave the mountains his name. The first use of this name "Huangshan" is often attributed to Chinese poet Li Bai. Huangshan was fairly inaccessible and little-known in ancient times, but its change of name in 747 AD seems to have brought the area more attention; from then on, the area was visited frequently and many temples were built there.
Huangshan is known for its stone steps, carved into the side of the mountain, of which there may be more than 60,000 throughout the area. The date at which work on the steps began is unknown, but they have been said to be over 1,500 years old.

Huang Shan is not only filled with various legends, stories and history behind it but it's a place with the awesome scenery. I'm sure most of us here have seen those chinese calligraphy paintings of mountain. I always thought that was just the creative imagination of the artists. I would never ever expect to exists. Now that I've visited this fairytale mountain, it's real. It's not their imagination. They are painting of what they see.

So unreal right? I swear to god above photos are taken by me !!! *swears*

The weather changed so fast that the above shots are taken in like within few minutes that I din even noticed that my mirror lens were so awfully dusty .. Lots of photoshop effort done to remove all the stains .. :(

Comparatively I do not have much photos taken at the top of Huang Shan due to the weather which is foggy that I did missed out a lot of supposedly awesome scenic view. Probably it meant that I have to re-vist this place again sometimes in the future.

Some other shots that I have got to share ..

 Praying hand liked stone

 Found the fish?

 The most popular scenic area with the oldest pine tree

One of my favourite shots

If you are artist, a photographer, I highly recommend that you must step foot to this place. It's a must go place. Though there's a lot of walking of steps. Stay there at least 2 nights minimally. It would be just nice to cover the whole scenic area, front and back of the mountain.

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