Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic 2012 - Hot Guys Alert

So, who has been keeping themselves up to date on Olympic 2012?

As for myself, to be honest, I am not a sports person (that explains my sexy body shape) but I do love watching sports like badminton, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics. And I am not the person who is more than willing to sacrifice my precious sleeping for games that is live in the midnight of Malaysian time.

Yesterday, Sunday 5th August 2012, was such a unforgettable moment for all 28 million Malaysians. Yes, it was the most forward looking by all Malaysians in Olmpics, the Badminton Final - Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan. Well, while all of us had high hope on Dato' Lee CW for a gold medal and there was a seconds of disappointment including he himself but all this was then overturned throughout the social media where Malaysians had came together and giving Dato' Lee a word of comfort as well as support. 

He tweeted he was sorry but there's nothing to be sorry about. Because not everyone can be in his position like he had. 

Loving what ESPN had commented ...

So, Dato' Lee CW ... You were not alone, you did not lose ... :) May you have a speedy recovery on your injured ankle ....

That was for the badminton part ... Emotional yet memorable moment for him and all Malaysians who has live to witness it ... You are the legend of the legend ...

Another sports that I went gaga over it was .... SWIMMING !!!! 

OK ~~ You know why swimming is so interesting ... Looking at the hot smoking guy's body in just a small piece of trunk ... *blush* But yeah ... what other games that you can actually admire their hot bodies ?? Can't think of any other than diving and swimming ....

Not agreeing to me ?!!!

Look at this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team USA *love love love*

Look at those hot bodies !!!!! *drooooooooooooooolssssssss*

Team Australia

Sun Yang from China

Just pick any one of the swimmers, their bodies are just so damn perfect lorrrrrrr ..... 

So, who's your pick?

My pick? Of course him ... My boy ~~~

Presenting you ... Nathan Adrian !!! *claps claps*

Look at his eyes .. They are smiling ~~~ *drooollllssssss*

And this is one of my favourite shots of all of him ... xD with the famous Mr Phelps ....

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