Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Hui (安徽) - Part 1

A little introduction of An Hui that again I got it from mr.wiki

Anhui (Chinese: 安徽; pinyinĀnhuī) is a province in the People's Republic of China. Located in eastern China across the basins of the Yangtze River and the Huai River, it borders Jiangsu to the east, Zhejiang to the southeast, Jiangxi to the south, Hubei to the southwest, Henan to the northwest, and Shandong for a tiny section in the north. The capital of the province is Hefei.The name "Anhui" derives from the names of two cities in south Anhui, Anqing and Huizhou (now Huangshan City).[1] The abbreviation for Anhui is "皖" (Wǎn), because there were historically a State of Wan, a Mount Wan, and a Wan river in the province.

In addition to that, An Hui now is also known as the Huang Shan City to the tourists because this is the city where Huang Shan is basically located and every tourists who goes to Huang Shan will have to pass by here.

So, here are some of the places that we were brought to visit.. Basically, is all villages la ~ except for the first stop, Old Street .. It is just something like Petaling Street where certain old buildings are maintained yet the street is converted into tourists area.

So here are some of the shots that I manage to get here though not many due to poor lighting but I'm still very glad because most of it turns out awesome ...

In An Hui, one of their famous skill is making these calligraphy brushes, what more to say, this is the city of art .... 

Saw the top of the roof with white lights? According to our tour guide, in the olden days, if there is three steps at the roof, it mean that their family has a scholars or some generals .. If there is only one step, it mean that their kids has not turn out to be successful in career 

Just loving this mystery lane shot ..

Also, here in Old Street, I am also glad that I manage to get some people portraits .. All taken without flash nor tripods ...

One of the local foods that you MUST try here is TAUHU BULU (毛豆腐). If you ever tried TAUHU BUSUK, probably you don't mind going for this. Well, it's basically fermented tofu where some kulat grow on the tofu and then you fried it .. Honestly, it is just AWESOME !! Me gusta ~~

You can only get it in An Hui and no other place that I know so far ... So a must try whenever you are there !!

Lastly, caught this shot ... Just a man who is so enjoying chinese food that caught our attention .. xD

Up next more about An Hui and its unique villages ...

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